How To Enjoy Life Again By Becoming a Blogger

I will never forget the time I felt like I was in prison.

I went to work every day, got told when I could have time off, got told when I could take holidays and if they chose to my employer could cancel my days off with my family at the drop of a hat.

In essence, I was a prisoner of my job.

Does that sound familiar?

I was at an all-time low and I needed to learn how to become happy again.

I had lost sight of what was important and more so lost sight of what mattered in life. I had forgotten how to enjoy life!

But as I will share with you today it does not have to be like this, there is a simple a free way to change your life and to break out of that prison both emotionally and physically.

That way is blogging and in this article, I am going to show you how.

Why Blogging Is The Route To Freedom

Blogging, you know the art of writing stuff online is now respected as a way to make money.

I should know because I do it professionally these days.

But when I started I had just 11 readers of my first blog and if I am honest I think my Dad read the blog articles 10 times just to be nice.

It didn’t matter, for the first time I felt a change inside my body and mind, something that had lain dormant for years. It was something I never knew was inside me any longer.

It was the desire to be a creator.

You see even at school I loved to write and at one point all I wanted to do was become a screenwriter but somewhere along the line, I lost track of it all. I guess I became boring.

And so I slowly started to reduce the time I spent reading and increased my video game consumption, my video watching (showing my age) and my writing reduced to zero.

The stories I used to write in little notebooks were thrown away as I changed my view on who I was.

And so I got a job in the police and I ceased to become a creator, instead, I became a man of the law.

And for the first 10 years it was ok, but week by week, it started to feel more like a prison and so I looked for something.

I was unsure as to what I needed and by accident, I stumbled into blogging.

You see blogging is not only a route to freedom on a financial scale (many people earn money from blogging) but blogging is a route for freedom of the mind.

And that is how I  felt.

I never even considered I would make any money, that came years later. Instead, blogging gave me an escape.

I could escape mentally from the world I was in and create a new one.

I could share an opinion about the world, I could blog about my life, review a product or just rant.

And I did all of those things.

I created blogs on free platforms, created blogs on paid ones too. Some have stood the test of time and others less so.

But blogging gives you the power to escape. There is something unique about blogging, the art of typing your emotions onto a screen for the world to see and feel.

No longer do you need to wait to be heard, it is your blog, your rules and you are all powerful!

The Nervous Feeling Of Sharing Your First Article

I remember sharing my first articles; I was filled with a nervous giggle that my newborn work was going to be out there and seen by others.

I did not know then, but it was a lot like when you send your child to school for the first time.

Your sad to see them go, but proud and apprehensive about how they will do.

But suddenly your life is no longer about the daily grind, you are a blogger, and you are different.

Being a blogger is not about how many readers you have or what money you earn. Being a blogger is about who you are.

You are a creator, an innovator and a pioneer.

You are placing the flag of your blog onto newly discovered web space, and you are claiming that web land for yourself. This is mine; this is me.

But that is not just why blogging will change your life; blogging will unlock far more.

The Ways Blogging Will Help You To Enjoy Life

At first, blogging is going to be a hobby, until you find your feet that is.

Many great authors do not find success with their first or even 31st book, and so it might be the case with blogs (don’t remind me about the birthday cake blog).

But over time you will become a better blogger, and it is through that process that life changes.

But what is this magic power I speak of?

Well through blogging you will find that you will start to enjoy a passion for your life. Now, this might sound corny, but most bloggers start by blogging about what they know and love.

This could be your family, a sport, a problem in your life or a holiday destination.

Blogging forces you to focus on this and not whatever is grinding you down.

You will spend more time focusing on what you love and not what you hate.

This will help to improve your mood, your sense of well being and fun.

So if you love to bake cupcakes and want to blog about that, you will probably spend more time baking, so you have more things to blog about.

Blogging forces you to do more of what you love.

See, I told you it was magic!

But much more than that blogging forces you look at what is happening in your life and around your life because the blog becomes a major part of your life.

I know many bloggers who were losing control of their family time, so they became a family lifestyle blogger to focus their efforts as a parent.

The result was they went out and deliberately focused on their life.

From losing weight to spending time with your family, your blog can be a record of your journey to happiness.

How To Start Blogging For Happiness

I won’t lie to you, blogging for happiness is going to be tough because starting something is always hard, but we are here to help.

Join our  Blogging community, and it is a start to getting support but if not read this blog over the coming months.

But one of the best tips is to simply start documenting your journey.

What you do on a daily basis an be your blog, and you can use it like a journal until you start to get the hang of blogging and then you can move on to writing articles that gain traffic.

But for now, consider that you have a lot of good in your life and blogging can help you to realise and focus on the good not the bad.

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